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About Yakima Lung & Asthma

Yakima Lung and Asthma takes pride in providing top quality respiratory medicine to patients in the Yakima Valley. In addition to our providers, we have a staff committed to providing the best and most comprehensive lung and asthma care avilable.

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Dedicated to providing the best and most comprehensive care to lung and asthma patients in the Yakima Valley.

Lung And Asthma Care In Yakima

Yakima Heart Lung & Vascular takes pride in providing quality care to our patients. Contact us today »

COVID-19 And Your Care
Resources For patients...

What are we doing to keep cancer patients safe during COVID-19?

Mask Requirements

To minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19, Yakima Valley Memorial would like to remind all patients and visitors that masks are REQUIRED at all our facilities, including our clinics.

To conserve supplies, we request that all patients and visitors bring masks to their appointments. A limited number of reusable cloth masks, made by community members, will be available if you need one.

We also strongly encourage all community members to wear masks when in public &emdash; this is one of our best tools to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Pulmonary Care at Yakima Valley Memorial. Quality care. Close to home.

Yakima Heart Lung & Vascular takes pride in providing comprehensive respiratory and infectious disease medicine to our adult patients at our Yakima location. Our committed and professional staff are dedicated to providing comprehensive, quality medicine to our patients in the Yakima Valley community.

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Lung and Asthma at Yakima Valley Memorial

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